Born in 1855, John M. Browning dedicated his life to creating firearms of exceptional quality and revolutionary construction. It is Belgium, however, that is home to his most lasting legacy: The B25. First manufactured by Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal in 1925, the B25 was the world’s first successful over and under shotgun. It was the result of Browning’s creative genius and experience combined with more than 400 years of manufacturing expertise. Often copied, the B25 has never been equaled and remains an icon for shooting experts everywhere.

John M. Browning was a tireless innovator and a legend in the truest sense; so it’s befitting that his name should grace a range of exquisitely crafted hunting and sporting guns. The John M. Browning Collection is the very best of what we do. Please call us directly at 01245 477 600.

The John m Browning range @ Eastern Sporting

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