The most popular eyewear brand in clay shooting. Pilla glasses are worn by many of the world's best shooters across most disciplines. Pilla is at the forefront of eyeglass technology, working with athletes worldwide to optimise their products for various lighting and background conditions. With model lines tailored to orange clays, game shooting, general clay and beyond. Plus, a range of environments from open fields and deserts, to green backgrounds, from low light through to medium light and direct sun. 

Pilla Lenses By Zeiss

Pilla has partnered with Zeiss to offer cutting-edge lens science. Pilla and Zeiss have created rich colour enhancement technology that offers a range of products suitable to all light levels, environmental backgrounds and the user's preference. 

Custom Filtration

Pilla's technology allows them to offer the widest range in colour filtration. So you know, whatever your sport or goal, Pilla will have lenses that give you the edge you need. 

Shooting Sport Frames

Working closely with some of the world's best shooters, Pilla has dedicated ranges of frames for each sport they target, including shooting sports. 


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